Understanding Your Options with Swimming Pool Renovations in Sarasota, FL

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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Swimming pools have always been a coveted item, with many people, especially in Florida, choosing to buy a home because it includes a pool. Unfortunately, most of the time these pools are in terrible disrepair and many people give up before they even start with renovations. This is a guide to swimming pool renovations in Sarasota, FL that should help make the process simpler.

First, one needs to think about what needs to be done to their swimming pool before family and friends start jumping in the water. The steps to a basic renovation are draining the pool, removing any hollow surface material and after that an acid wash. Then the pool will be coated in a layer of Bond-Kote, which eliminates the need to demolish and replace old concrete. Next, new stair tiles will be installed and a decision will need to be made on whether to use a pebble or quartz plaster finish. A pebble finish is more durable than traditional liner and is resistant to staining.

Finally, after approximately two weeks, the pool will be refilled with water and summertime swimming can commence. Some pool renovators leave it at that and don’t check back to ensure satisfaction. Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas located in Sarasota, Florida, will service the pool every other day for an additional two weeks to monitor the water’s chemistry.

An additional factor to consider is any extras or luxuries one might want installed along with the renovation. These services could include replacing coping tile and the water line or installing a pool light. Another option is the addition of brick pavers, which look fantastic and help keep debris out the pool.

The last thing to consider with a pool renovation is if one wants a spa installed. If a hot tub is a must buy, then one must decide acrylic over concrete. An acrylic spa feels smoother on the skin and the jets can be custom placed. With a concrete spa there will be a faster installation, since the tub will not need to be shipped.

After all these steps, a beautiful sparkling pool should be waiting for bbqs and parties this summer. Look forward to being the most popular neighbor on the street.