Understanding When Septic System Repairs in Diamond Bar, CA Are Necessary

Homeowners tend to take their septic systems for granted until something goes seriously wrong. However, it’s better to take steps to repair or replace septic systems before any problems become serious. Nobody wants to have sewage come up their drains, for example, or make a large puddle in the backyard. These problems can be minimized when Septic System Repairs Diamond Bar CA companies are called in at the first sign of any issue.

Signs to Watch For

Some signs that septic system repair may be necessary are relatively subtle, such as toilets or drains that are a bit slow or some noise coming from the septic tank. Any odors of sewage outside the building are another sign something may be wrong. More noticeable signs of a problem include actual wet spots in the drainfield or near the septic tank, alarms coming from the pump, or sewage backing up from the pipes.

Potential Causes

Tree roots growing into some part of the septic system, the septic system not having enough capacity, broken pipes in the drainfield, not pumping out the septic tank often enough, sludge overloading, grease cutting off oxygen in the drainfield or simply having the beneficial bacteria or enzymes die off due to the use of strong cleaners or medications. It could just be that the system is too old, as the drainfields and tanks may start to wear out within 30 to 40 years.

Potential Fixes

The best way to diagnose and repair a problem is to contact one of the Septic System Repairs Diamond Bar CA companies. These professionals have the experience to determine just what is wrong and the best possible fix. It could be that the septic tank just needs to be pumped out or cleaned, or it could be a more serious problem that requires the septic drainfield to be replaced. Replacing the tank doesn’t necessarily mean the drainfield needs to be replaced, and vice versa. In some cases, the population of beneficial bacteria or enzymes simply needs to be increased and the system used sparingly to give the bacteria a chance to bounce back and populate the system again.

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