Understanding the Need for Plastic Strapping

Plastic strapping is a heavy duty, light to handle and the most economical option for the packaging industry today. Whether polypropylene or polyester, these offer excellent retained tension on rigid loads. Higher elongation at break ensures perfect unitizing, palletizing and bundling for light to medium duty packaging needs. The tensilized or oriented straps are the strongest in the market and provide a viable and economical alternative to the traditional steel strapping. Available in various widths, thicknesses as well as polymer variations, these have excellent recovery properties that help to absorb load impact without easy breakage. Their flexibility helps in adjusting the straps according to the changing weather conditions.

Quality polypropylene or polyester strappings have a broad range of industrial and other applications. From parcels of all sizes to palletizing, plastic strapping is available for every need one might have. The application range involves all kinds of manual applications, automatic arch strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines as well as fully automated strapping systems. The hand grade polypropylene strapping is typically used for hand palletizing and bundling. They can be manually sealed with strapping seals with the help of strapping tensioner and sealer, or with the use of a strapping buckle. Machine grade polypropylene strapping run for all run fully automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Despite the light weight, plastic strapping is extremely rigid and offers tensile strength for all packaging needs. Used for both machine and hand applications these are the perfect alternatives to steel strapping. From high speed newspaper bundling to large scale meat and fish packaging, canning and bottling industries, heavy duty brick and lumber packaging, to the corrugated industry, they have a wide range of applications. One can also opt for combinations like polyester and rayon cord strapping which come in the regular uni-line and the woven or cross woven form. Typically used in manual applications they offer excellent resistance to moisture which makes them perfect for all kinds of outdoor applications.

For regular usage it makes sense to opt for plastic strapping kits. They help one to carry all strapping tools and accessories around on job sites easily. Any leading manufacturer will offer these accessories with the tools. Another great benefit of the plastic straps is the ease with which they can be printed upon or embossed, especially in the pre-production phase. They offer an easy and very cost effective way to branding which makes them the preferred packaging tool for marketers.

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