Understanding the Merits of Using Polycrystalline Solar Panels for a Home Solar Energy System

Now that the decision is made to invest in a home solar energy system, there is the matter of choosing the right types of components. Many homeowners find they are faced with making a choice when it comes to the solar panels. While there are other options, there are some compelling reasons to go with Polycrystalline Solar Panels. Here are a few points to keep in mind.


In times past, there was some sense that Polycrystalline Solar Panels were less efficient in terms of energy collection than other options. While it still pays to look closely at the standards set by the manufacturer, it is safe to say that panels of this type are at least as efficient as other kinds of panels. Depending on the quality set by the manufacturer, the results may be even more efficient. This is important since the ability to collect energy and transfer it to the batteries is essential to the success of the system.

Higher Tolerance for Heat

While manufacturer standards will also affect this aspect of the panels, the chances are that the polycrystalline panels will have more tolerance for heat than other kinds of panels. What this means for the homeowner is that the panels will last for more years. While the cost of a home solar energy system has decreased in recent years, the cost is still considered to be a major investment. By being able to continue using the same panels for a longer period of time, the homeowner is able to generate greater returns on that initial investment.


In times past, other panels were considered more visually appealing because they were available in a basic black. Advances in recent years have made it possible to produce polycrystalline panels that range from a light to a dark blue. Even allowing for the possibility of some lighter spots on darker panels, this means the homeowner who would like to use something other than jet black can find something that fits in neatly with the general color scheme used for the home.

For more information on solar panels and equipment, talk with the team at US Green Solar today. After learning more about the specifics, it will be easy to choose the right elements and begin to make use of this environmentally friendly source of power.