Understanding the Labret Piercing Trend

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Jewelry

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If you have heard the term “labret piercing” but not exactly sure what it is, you are in luck. A labret piercing is a form of a lip piercing, but one that is not exactly attached to the lip or to the labrum. Instead it is a form of a body piercing that is placed directly below the lower lip and right above the chin. This type of piercing is considered both oral and facial, since it will pierce the area horizontally from the front to the back. In some cases, it is also referred to as the tongue pillar.

Labret Piercing History

The history of the labret piercing dates back to religious ceremonies used by the Nuba of Ethiopia and the Dogon tribe of Mali, who used rings to pierce their lips. In the majority of other cultures, a pin, crafted from metal or ivory was inserted, exactly like the modern day labret piercing. Other cultures noted for these piercings were the Mayans and Aztecs that inserted labrets of pure gold that featured precious stone insets.

Different Options for Labret Piercings

If the thought of a labret piercing sounds enticing to you, you should consider all of the options that are available. The different types that are available are differentiated due to the actual positioning of the piercing. As mentioned before, in most situations the labret will be placed in a horizontal direction from the front to the back. There is also an option to have the area pierced with a type of curved barbell that will pass through the upper portion of the lower lip. This option is referred to as the vertical labret.

If you decide to get two different piercings that are close together, it is referred to as a snake bite. Two placed close together on one side of the lower lip are referred to as a spider bite. The options that are available are virtually endless, when it comes to the number and placement of these piercings. When it comes time to purchase Labret Studs For your Lip be sure you find ones that fit properly, to avoid any type of discomfort while you are wearing them. With the many options that are available, this should not be a problem.

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