Understanding The Different Types Of Shower Enclosures in Indianapolis, IN

Luxurious showers today are the garden bathtubs of ten years ago. One of the most valuable upgrades you can make to your home is the shower in your master bathroom. Popular modern bathrooms include extra-large walk-in showers, dual shower heads, and steam jets. When designing a new shower or upgrading an old one, think about the enclosure. A new enclosure can enhance a new shower design or make an old one look brand new. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of Shower Enclosures in Indianapolis IN.

• Sliding Doors: Sliding glass doors, or by-pass doors, are among the most common shower enclosures, and they help save space in a small bathroom. In choosing sliding doors, look for an easy-to-clean track.

• Swinging Doors: Most showers that use this type of door have a single door that swings open; however, the door can be custom-built to fit your space. A door can also be built to pivot, opening 180 degrees into the shower or into the bathroom.

• Round Doors: Rounded shower doors can elegantly and effectively enclose your shower within a small space. They usually open inward and attach at the top and bottom of the shower frame.

• Framed Doors: Framed shower doors have aluminum or other metal framing at the top and bottom and on all sides of the enclosure. While aluminum is the most common metal used for framing, more expensive enclosures may use plated brass.

• Semi-Frameless and Frameless Doors: These doors use minimal framing or none at all. This type of enclosure has a more elegant look, and it’s easier to clean since mold and soap scum tend to collect around a frame. Since there is no frame to support the glass, the glass panels are thicker than in a framed shower and thus more expensive.

When choosing shower enclosures, it’s also important to consider the type of glass you want to use. All shower glass panels are made of tempered glass, which not only makes them stronger than regular glass enclosures but also causes them to shatter on impact instead of breaking into jagged shards. Glass doors can be clear or etched with a pattern; they can also be frosted or completely opaque. Contact us for more information about shower enclosures in Indianapolis IN.

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