Understanding the Cosmetic & Visual Benefits of Undergoing a Blepharoplasty

As we age, our bodies tend to follow certain aging processes. The eye area is one of the first places that a person’s biological or cosmetic age tends to show up. Before deciding on any plastic surgery procedure for your eye region, take some time to understand both the visual and the cosmetic benefits of undergoing a blepharoplasty in the Chicago Loop area.

Common Signs of Aging Seen Around the Eye Area

Some telltale aging signs include droopy eyelids that may impede proper vision, the appearance of fine lines surrounding the eye region, also known as “crow’s feet,” or a sunken in look of the eyes when the surrounding skin layers lose their moisture and fat content. The reason why age often shows up near and around the delicate eye area can be a multiple combination of circumstances. These include more exposure to environmental factors like extreme temperature changes, damage due to sun exposure or skin changes due to medical conditions and/or medication side effects.

What Can a Blepharoplasty Fix?

A blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that carefully removes excess skin tissue around the fragile eye area. This cosmetic procedure can fix and improve loose and sagging skin tissue that may be pronounced enough to cause visual obstruction. Generally, removal of this excess skin will also eliminate the visual obstruction at the same time. This cosmetic surgery can also correct certain tear duct problems, rejuvenate area skin layers and is often performed along with other cosmetic treatment options.

Where to Find a Skilled Plastic Surgeon for Eyelid Surgery

There is a talented and highly experienced plastic surgeon that has performed many cosmetic facial procedures including eyelid surgery termed a blepharoplasty for Chicago Loop inhabitants with amazing end results. Contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery for details.

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