Understanding the Contingency Agreement With a Minnesota Injury Attorney

When people think about hiring a lawyer for a civil case, they may hesitate to even contact one because they assume legal representation will be too expensive. However, a personal injury attorney in Minnesota usually is paid on a contingency basis. That means the fee is contingent upon the case outcome.

How It Works

In this arrangement, clients only pay if the attorney is successful in negotiating a favorable settlement with the insurer or winning the case in court. The attorney receives the fee directly from the compensation once the insurer has paid. The payment agreement is advantageous for injured individuals who are struggling financially.

Because of the contingency arrangement, prospective clients can expect a personal injury attorney in Minnesota to only accept cases with little risk of an unfavorable outcome. If they aren’t successful, all of their effort has been wasted.

The Initial Consultation

People usually consult an injury lawyer because an insurance company has offered a low settlement or has denied the claim entirely. During the free initial consultation, the attorney evaluates what the person should be paid and whether the insurance adjuster has a valid concern.

It’s crucial to be honest about what happened in the incident. Otherwise, the attorney will be caught off guard by contradicting information the insurance company supplies.

Ideally, the consultation will take place before the individual spends a lot of time trying to negotiate without legal representation. The more this person speaks with insurance company representatives, the more likely it is that he or she will say something that could undermine the case.

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