Understanding the Benefits of Whole House Generator Installation in Scranton, PA

Electricity is something that virtually everyone in Pennsylvania takes for granted. After all, electricity is found in pretty much every home in the United States, and it is simply part of living in a modern world. However, when the power goes out, suddenly the importance of electricity is in the face of everyone without it. Often, it takes just one outage of more than a few hours for someone to realize just how important a generator can be. This is why whole house Generator Installation in Scranton PA can be such a benefit to homeowners.

The Cost of Losing Electricity

According to the US Department of Energy, power loss equates to about $150B in costs per year. This may seem astronomical, but power outages mean a loss of food. That is a major issue. However, it doesn’t stop there. In areas with severe winters, the loss of power over an extended period of time could equate to burst pipes and water heaters. Of course, some of this cost is to replace items that were ruined as well as time in a hotel, eating out and so on.

The Purpose of a Generator

Generators serve just one purpose, to provide power when there is none. On construction sites, portable generators are used to provide lights and power to electric tools until a building gets on a grid. For a home, a portable generator can be used to keep a couple of appliances running or keep the lights on. It’s not meant to power an entire home.

A whole house generator is attached permanently to a home. This is why Generator Installation in Scranton PA is necessary. The generator is very large and is bolted to a concrete slab near the fuse box. When the power goes out, the whole house generator will automatically kick in.

Installing a Whole House Generator

Installing a whole house generator requires an electrician as well as a gas company. The gas company will bury the propane tank into the yard and connect it to the generator. The electrician will connect the generator to the fuse box and set up the activation switch and timers.

Electricity is important to maintain a safe and comfortable home. If you’re worried about power outages, then a whole house generator may set your mind at ease. Contact Quality Electric for more information today.