Understanding The Basics of Pruning Trees in Arlington

Pruning your trees is an important step to ensuring that they are healthy and look great for years to come. Pruning trees Arlington makes some people nervous because they do not want to damage the tree, kill the tree, or end up with a tree that looks like it got a bad haircut. If you do not know what you are doing, you probably want to call a professional, like Business Name, to come take care of your needs. There are a few basic tips that you can follow if you insist on Pruning trees Arlington by yourself.

Pruning at Planting

Ideally, you want to do minimal to no pruning on the leaves when you plant a tree so that you have the most leaf surface available to let the tree make food and produce a strong, large root system. You should remove the broken branches, tree tags, and branches damaged by insect stings or eggs. You also want to remove any branches that are competing with the lead branch.

Pruning After 3 to 4 Years

You should remove any root suckers or sprouts in the crown of the tree. You also want to remove excessive branches to thin the tree to help it receive abundant light, nutrients, and water. If there is another branch that is trying to take over the tree that isn’t the leader, you should remove it so the leader can thrive. If there are branches rubbing together or growing in a way that you do not want, remove them. You should also remove branches with narrow angles and some of the lowest branches.

Pruning After 5 to 7 Years

You should remove lower tree limbs so that there is enough clearance for people to walk under the tree. Anything left should be considered permanent limbs. You also want to trim some of the higher branches so tht they do not grow too long for the crown of the tree.

As you can see, pruning techniques vary on the condition and age of the tree. You may choose to Pruning trees Arlington but be aware that improper pruning can severely damage the tree. Get in touch with Business Name Arlington for more information.

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