Understanding Online Casino Real Money Games Legality In India

It may seem like a simple answer is all that is needed to understand the real money games legality in India as it relates to online casinos. In reality, the answer is a bit more complex, as specific types of gambling are not a federal law but rather part of state governance in the country.

The History to Modern Online Financial Transactions

While the Public Gambling Act of 1867 is the federal law, it is only relevant to the states included in the law at that time. Now, it also applies to any state without specific gambling and casino laws.

The 1867 act makes it illegal to run a casino or gambling house or to be part of the gambling or present at the location. The exception to this rule is games that are classified as skill-based, which are not considered to be gambling under the Act. In 1970 this was further amended to exclude lotteries as well, so the states have the ability to determine if the lottery is legal or illegal in their area.

The Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 is more recent and requires anyone depositing money for online gambling in India to do so only using rupees as the currency. This can be set up through the casino, or the player can use an electronic wallet to complete transactions to and from the casino to stay within the law.

State Laws

Each state provides for real money games legality. This means in India; some states have legal brick and mortar casinos as well as legalized online casinos. In other states, often the next state, all forms of gambling, including the lottery, is considered illegal. In general, the best option is to check the local state laws about real money games legality before placing a wager.

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