Understanding if Your Trademark or Other Intellectual Property Has Been Violated

If you have written a book, composed a song, or come up with an innovative idea or product, you are in possession of what is known as intellectual property. By intellectual property, it is referring to those creative processes that come out of the minds of individuals. The violation of your intellectual creation includes but is not limited to copyright infringement, Trademark violations and patents. When you find yourself in the situation of being violated, it is time to talk to an attorney qualified in the law regarding intellectual property.

In order to understand whether or not you have been violated, it is necessary to understand the different descriptive terms that fall under the intellectual property “umbrella.” A list of these terms widely used are patents, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets, trade dress, and the Trademark. When do you need a patent? A patent is applied for when you have an invention that needs to be protected by law. This patent keeps others from selling, offering for sale, buying, making or conducting any such transactions pertaining to the invention.

Copyrights are needed for literary works of art such as books and music. It must be kept in mind that copyrights do not protect ideas or any information associated with the artwork. Copyrights only cover the manner in which the artwork is presented. Trademarks are the symbols which uniquely identify products or services from others in the same field. The other terms are specific to various visual designs, visual appearances, and formulas which belong to a given organization. If any of these areas concern you or you have been infringed upon, a lawyer who represents intellectual law clients is the one to talk to.

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