Understanding Healthcare for Women in Coeur D Alene

In general, your routine checkup will typically involve the normal blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and height check, along with the examination of a patient’s overall health. Although everyone should get a checkup at least once a year, women have unique needs that may require additional medical services. It’s important to understand how healthcare for women in Coeur D Alene differs.

Unique Health Checks

Healthcare for women in Coeur D Alene additionally involves annual checks for breast cancer, as well as PAP smears to identify vaginal issues. These are typical exams that should be completed to check for feminine health issues, as well as diseases, such as cancer. When these problems are identified in their early stages, they are often easier to care for and ultimately cure. Some women mistakenly think they only need to schedule these comprehensive exams if they find a lump in their breast tissue or experience pain in their pelvic region. However, women should see their doctor for these checks on an annual basis.


When women fail to seek these unique exams on an annual basis due to the absence of a lump or pain, they may fail to catch critical diseases in their earliest stages. Healthcare for women in Coeur D Alene is meant to be preventive in most cases. When women don’t get these exams for years because they don’t feel any problems, it is more likely the doctor will find an issue in more advanced stages if it does exist. The further along a disease progresses, the more dangerous it can be for the patient. Rather than falling into a false sense of security, it’s best to make an appointment each year for your own protection.

At your next general exam, ask your provider about your recommended examination plan.

To find out more about healthcare for women in Coeur D Alene, visit Active Family Healthcare’s website for more information.