Understanding GIS and the Benefits Offered for the Surveying Industry

GIS is short for the phrase “geographic information system.” Put simply; it is a group of information and software, used for viewing, managing, displaying and analyzing geographical data. With GIS mapping software in place, you can search for information related to certain geographical areas, edit the data, analyze spatial information and create reports, charts, and maps that show the results gathered in visual form.

With GIS you can easily find answers to your questions and solve problems by offering data in a simple and visual manner.

Benefits Offered by GIS

There are several benefits offered by GIS mapping software, which includes:

• Improved decision making because detailed and specific information is presented about one or several locations.

• Improved communication between all involved departments and organizations thanks to a visual format everyone understands.

• Reduction in costs and increased efficiency.

• Managing geographically understanding what is and will occur in a geographic space to determine the next course of action.

• Simple recordkeeping because any geographical changes can be recorded by the GIS.

How GIS is Being Used

With GIS mapping software being used, people are able to see the world in a new way. By mapping positions and the quantity of things, mapping the density of various objects and people and mapping any changes that occur everything is always accurate and updated. GIS also allows a user to determine what is happening in a certain area or close to a certain area.

GIS can be used for:

• Emergency Management Information Systems
• Physical Geography
• Environmental Geography
• Transportation Geography
• Economic Geography
• Health Geography

The use of GIS software is beneficial and can provide companies with the information and tools necessary to provide accurate and reliable information.

Additional information about GIS software is available by visiting the Frontier Precision website.