Understanding Car Rentals and Auto Insurance Coverage In Illinois

Not all auto insurance coverage in Illinois covers rental cars if the customer gets into an accident. Some policies do provide this coverage, but only if you have collision insurance. That’s why rental car companies offer insurance for an extra fee.

General Guidelines

The reason why auto insurance coverage in Illinois may not cover rental cars is that the insurance is generally intended for a certain vehicle and the people inside it. It is not intended for the policyholder specifically. If someone else borrows your car, that driver usually is covered by your policy rather than his or her own insurance.

You can find out whether you have any rental car coverage by giving your insurance agent a call. It’s important to remember that you would still be responsible for paying the deductible if you cause an accident.

Possible Restrictions

The policy may have restrictions on the types of rental vehicles that can be covered. Some will not cover the rental of an expensive car like a higher-end sport utility vehicle, for example.

Policy Riders

Some insurers are willing to add a policy rider for rental car coverage for a low fee. This can be particularly worth the money if you plan to rent cars somewhat frequently for the foreseeable future. If you have been buying insurance from an agency that only represents one particular insurer, you might want to contact an independent agency like Accurate Auto Insurance Homewood.

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