Uber Drivers May Not Be Covered Under their Car Insurance in Austin TX

Austin drivers who use their personal automobile to pick up other people through Uber or Lyft may be doing so at their own risk. In addition to the personal safety risks drivers take when they transport strangers, they may also be unprotected by their auto insurance policy while they are using their car for commercial purposes.

Drivers who freelance through Uber may have some coverage under Uber’s liability policy but it may not be enough to cover them if they are in an accident and their passenger is injured. Without insurance, drivers can be sued and required to pay the medical expenses of their passenger as well as the repair costs and medical bills for the other driver in the crash.

It is up to individual drivers to make sure they have appropriate coverage before they take on passengers from Uber or Lyft. If their Car Insurance in Austin TX doesn’t cover the trip, the costs related to an accident can far exceed the payment a driver receives through the service. Unfortunately, many people who drive for transport services are not aware that they are not adequately covered for their freelance activities.

Working as a contractor through Uber is not like driving a taxi. The industry is unregulated and in some cases, illegal. Many drivers take their chances, though, because moving people from place to place is easy and pays pretty well. Customers are happy because Uber costs less than a taxi and typically arrives faster than a cab. Drivers are happy because they are paid directly from Uber. They don’t have to worry about collecting cash or giving change.

Whether you are using your vehicle for personal trips or to make some extra cash through Uber, it is important to have Car Insurance in Austin TX to cover your financial interests if you are ever in an accident. Without insurance, you may lose your home and cash savings after a serious accident. Contact Patrick Court to find out what kind of insurance you need if you are going to use your personal vehicle to transport Uber or Lyft’s customers around town.

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