Types of Women’s Hair Treatment in Arizona

Hair loss does not discriminate based on gender. A wide variety of factors, including genetics, diet, and medical history, come into play when determining whether any individual woman will begin to experience thinning hair as she ages, but those who do should not despair. There are several varieties of Womens Hair Treatment in Arizona to help to reduce the appearance of thinning hair.

Below are some details to help women decide which system might be right for them.

Hair Replacement

This system is fairly simple. It involves matching a new head of hair to the customer’s existing color and texture. The system is temporarily bonded in place using specially designed adhesives that make it impossible to tell that it is not her natural hair. Appointments must be made regularly for repairs and restyling, but these appointments are generally short. Some professionals can complete the process in just two hours.


Micro-pointing is a non-surgical solution to increasing the volume and texture of thinning hair. It involves using Cyberhair, tied using tiny imperceptible knots to the customer’s remaining natural hair. Her existing color and texture can be matched perfectly to create a full head of hair with custom color and highlights she’ll love. This system can increase volume by up to four times as much hair, lending the appearance of natural fullness and beauty. Appointments will still be necessary to update it periodically.

Hair Extensions

Not everyone has the patience or the right texture of hair to have long, luxurious natural locks. That’s where hair extensions come in. Choose extensions that are made from human hair for the most natural look, and ensure that application methods do not damage existing hair. Extensions should really be applied by a specially trained professional. It’s not a job to trust to a friend or the local branch of some faceless chain.

Hair loss can be devastating, particularly for women who have previously prided themselves on their long or luxurious hair. Those interested in taking action have the choice between professional Womens Hair Treatment in Arizona and a wide variety of over-the-counter products for home use. Browse the site for more information, check out inventory, or schedule a complimentary evaluation today.

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