Types of Surgeries Ankle Surgeons in Racine, WI Perform

There are many reasons one may need to see Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI. Those who experience ankle pain for any reason may be in need of surgery. It is important to know the types of surgeries that are available for ankles.

A Common Surgery Is an Ankle Fusion

Ankle arthritis is a common problem that occurs from osteoarthritis. The first way to surgically solve this problem is by having an ankle fusion performed. This involves removing the ankle joint that is damaged. That joint is then fused to the talus bone to the tibia. This forms an ankle that is stiff but no longer experiences pain.

Another Surgical Procedure Is the Triple Fusion

A triple fusion is when three of the joints are surgically fused together. This is common when an individual is trying to treat arthritis or treat a stiff foot deformity of some kind. The fusion typically takes anywhere from twelve to fourteen weeks to complete.

An Ankle Replacement May Be Needed

Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI commonly perform ankle replacements on patients. This is when the worn out ends of the talus bones and the tibia are removed and replaced with artificial ends made using metal or plastic. While fusions do not allow the joints to move after surgery, ankle replacements do.

Fusions Taking Place After A Replacement

Sometimes, a fusion has to take place after an ankle replacement has already been performed. This is because, over time, the new joint wears. When this happens, it has to be removed in order for a fusion surgery to take place. A bone graft may be needed in this case to replace the bone that was removed. Luckily, this is a common procedure that is typically very successful.

As mentioned above, there are countless types of surgeries out there for different kinds of ankle problems. The first step is to see a specialist who can diagnose your problem. The next step is to determine the best route to take when it comes to surgery. Check out the website to find out more about Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers and ankle surgeries.

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