Types of Safes in Irvine and Their Benefits

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Security Systems and Services

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Safety and security are becoming increasing concerns in our society. Countless news stories revolve around break-ins, burglaries and horrific acts of violence, often occurring within homes. This drives up the need for security systems including closed circuit cameras and alarms as well as methods of keeping valuables and important documents safe inside should a criminal circumvent the exterior system. Other common news stories depict a trend in increasing numbers of natural disasters, creating a need to keep items safe from floods, tornadoes and other acts of nature.

While there are a number of different types of safes available, there are three primary categories for residential use. Some are designed primarily for protection against fires whereas some are meant to guard against theft. Those in the third category are intended to deter both disaster and theft. Aside from the purpose categories, Safes Irvine are available in portable and permanent varieties.

Portable safes offer their own degree of security. Their locks are as sturdy and complicated as their permanent counterparts. They are somewhat easy to move around as needed, depending largely on their size and composition. The drawback is their visibility. They sit out in plain sight, almost tempting burglars to try their hand at cracking the code and taking the belongings within despite their secure confines.

Permanent safes are rapidly becoming the most popular choice among homeowners. Once mostly seen in movies and television shows, they are now a household item. They can be installed in the floor or wall of a home or business and easily hidden from sight by a hanging picture or a sofa or other piece of furniture. All types of safes are generally designed to withstand any adversity man or nature may send their way, keeping guns, antique jewelry, irreplaceable documents, digital data storage devices and any other important items free from harm.

Safes should always be purchased from reputable dealers and the permanent ones should be installed by professionals. All types of safes need maintenance from time to time. They may incur damage due to the situations they were designed to guard against and need to be repaired. The owner may forget the combination and need to gain fast access to the items stored inside. Safe dealers and installers can also provide maintenance and service for the products they offer.