Types Of Police Sirens For Sale

If you are in need of a police siren for sale, you may wonder about the various types available. Sirens are a helpful noisy device that can warn people of your approach. This allows them plenty of time to move over into the slow lane or pull over to the side of the road, giving you enough room to pass and get to the scene of the emergency. There are two general types of sirens, including pneumatic and electronic.


The pneumatic siren typically has a rotating disk where the disk has holes within it. It is also called a siren disk or chopper. These products are usually used to warn of air raids or bad weather though there are vehicular versions called a coaster or mechanical siren. These options are typically used with an electric motor though it has a high current draw.

These versions are typically used for fire departments and other emergency vehicles, not law enforcement. However, European countries commonly use a two-tone pneumatic siren, creating the hi-low sound.


The most popular law enforcement siren for sale is the electronic version because it is more familiar and doesn’t require as much energy. These versions incorporate many different things, including amplifiers, modulators and oscillators to create a preferred tone. sounds can include scan, yelp, pierce, wail, air horn and hi-lo, to name a few. This type of siren usually requires external speakers.

The electronic version can also make sounds similar to the pneumatic version, for those cities or towns that prefer the sound of a pneumatic siren. However, electronic ones are easier to find and care for and are the preferred choice of most cities.


Many states or cities have specific standards that you must adhere to when consider a siren for sale. This may mean that you have to purchase your sirens within the state to ensure that they are the designated choice. For example, California versions must be identified as either Class B or Class A. Class B versions aren’t as loud and should be mounted parallel to the roadway and direction of the traveling vehicle, while a Class A siren must be loud enough so that it can be installed anywhere and still produce the proper sound.

Before purchasing one, you’ll likely want to talk with your city officials and the state to determine what is deemed appropriate.

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