Types of Personalized Assisted Living Communities

The decision to move to a senior living home or to place a parent in a senior living home is a tough one. You might imagine these homes as hospitals with every aspect of life controlled by nurses and doctors. There are many homes like that, but there are just as many homes that are just like living on your own, but with a little bit of help. Personalized Assisted Living involves different levels of care and control based on your needs.

Independent Living

If you or your loved one can live alone without any special care, then independent living might work. You live in a small apartment complete with kitchen, washer and dryer, TV and Internet. The only help you receive is house cleaning maybe once a week. You purchase and make your own food. Many have restaurants in the community and will offer free meals some days. Life is easier for you because you pay one set rent payment a month and all expenses are taken care of for you. Nurses and doctors are a quick call away, if necessary.

Personalized Assisted Living

Maybe you or your loved one can live alone, but some special care is required. Assisted living means you get a smaller home and meals provided by the community home. The cost is added to the rent. A nurse is provided to help with dressing, bathing, and medications. They will provide daily bed making and weekly house cleaning. Your required needs are set up with the staff and you receive help with only those needs. You do everything else yourself.

Assisted Living

If your loved one needs lots of care, you might feel better with them receiving complete assisted living. Your loved ones will receive constant care from trained nurses. They will receive help with all daily tasks, including making sure they take medications. Food is provided as part of the monthly cost, as well as any necessary rehabilitation or doctor visits. You will know that your loved one is in good hands and living comfortably.

There are many wonderful senior living communities to choose from. For example, Whispering Creek Active Retirement Community provides all three types of living situations.

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