Types of Medical Care Provided by New Jersey Emergency Workers

One of the goals of emergency services is to decrease the time that you might need to spend in a hospital. The following are a few of the treatments that are often provided by paramedics and other workers who provide these services.

Life Support
Although workers who provide emergency medical services in New Jersey might not have all of the equipment that a hospital would have, they do have tools to provide advanced life support to try to keep someone alive until they reach the hospital. They can place intravenous lines and use defibrillators as only some of the pieces that are available to try to get someone’s heart beating or to help them stay awake until they can get further help.

Flight Paramedics
If you need immediate assistance in getting to a hospital or trauma center, then you could receive help from flight workers who provide emergency medical services in New Jersey. These workers fly on a helicopter and often arrive on scenes that involve multiple patients or car accidents. You would be transported to a hospital on a helicopter, making the trip faster than if you were to travel by ambulance.

There are ways that emergency workers can offer assistance if you are unable to get to a hospital on your own or if you’re not facing a life-threatening situation. Many workers help patients who experience chest pain or those who have minor injuries but might want to be evaluated for care so that they can get medical treatment if it’s needed.

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