Types of Mark Schneider Engagement Ring Collections Available

by | May 24, 2014 | Shopping

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For those that want style and beauty, they should choose Mark Schneider designed pieces. He has a great collection of engagement rings in four main options that will be sure to wow your fiancée into being speechless (after she says yes.) The four collections include the vintage, traditional, contemporary and floral collections and each has a beautiful style and great diamond options.


The vintage engagement ring collection by Mark Schneider was created because there has been renewed interest in more romantic styles and glamour. He has used Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods as inspiration to create beautiful and strong rings that can be used as heirlooms throughout the years. Rings in this category include Cherish and Amore, both delicate-looking options, along with Clarity, Daydream, Endless Love and more. No matter what ring you choose from this collection, you will be able to express your nostalgia for a simpler, more glamorous time. Diamond cuts that work well with these rings include Emerald, Asscher and Cushion.


If you are looking for something that is always classic and in style, consider traditional collections from Mark Schneider, as his options balance function and tradition together. The designs inherent in the traditional collection are classic and clean, symbolically connecting the past and the future together through the tradition of marriage. These collections are not swayed by the trends and rings can include Beloved and Classic, Destiny and Devotion, Alluring and Always, along with many other choices. Consider diamond cuts of brilliant, round or princess, which all work well with this kind of engagement ring.


Many women and men are choosing more modern looks that feature twists and curves and are considered edgy and “in the moment,” though they are still elegant and clean. They are meant to marry functionality and freedom together to create one beautiful piece that symbolizes the marriage itself. Rings fitting the contemporary category include Brilliance, Gleam, Irresistible, Romance and so many more. Consider a starburst princess or Asscher cut diamond to fit this type of ring.


If you enjoy being different and are inspired by flowers, consider a floral ring type, as they are very feminine, soft and harmonious. Nature is the heart of these rings and they include Fawn, Divine, Bloom, Florette, Laurel, Zeal, Verdant and more. If you want more sophistication with your ring, consider a round brilliant diamond, or if you want an organic look, try uncut diamonds in the center.