Types of Gravel Used for a Driveway

One of the ways to add charm to the appearance of a home is by constructing a gravel driveway. They are typically much cheaper than asphalt or concrete, but do require some maintenance. It is critical to choose the right type of gravel in order to form a solid and durable surface. They are composed of several layers, with each one serving a different purpose.

Bottom Layer

The gravel supplier in Herkimer, NY will use large sized product for the base layer. This layer provides the foundations and rocks will be about 4 inches in diameter. Rock pieces are angular and formed by crushing so they will interlock. This will ensure driveway durability.

Middle Layer

Sandwiched in the middle is smaller sized rocks. These are around the size of golf balls and the gravel supplier in Herkimer, NY will pour it on top of the larger rocks already in place. The smaller rocks will fit nicely with the larger pieces in the foundation.

Top Layer

The gravel supplier in Herkimer, NY will top the driveway off with small, nickel-sized stones. It is smaller than the other two layers and settles into the other layer nicely filling in between and up against the larger sized rocks. This smaller size will also contain dust which will help the pieces stick together better.

What You Need

Lay landscaping fabric down before the first layer arrives from the gravel supplier in Herkimer, NY. This helps reduce week infestation. Remember that a gravel driveway is more practical in flatter areas since slopes are subject to erosion. Rainwater flows downward and will pick up silt from the driveway and carry it away. This can cause separation between rocks and pushes them out of the driveway. For the best adhesion, specify uncleaned rocks.

Browse through the different types of gravel on the Material, Sand and Gravel website. Find what you need for your driveway or other landscaping project.

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