Types of Electric Hand Dryers

If you are considering installing hand dryers in your business bathrooms, then you should learn a little bit about your options. When business owners go to buy an electric hand dryer, they are often surprised at how different they are than the old models. Not to mention how many options there are. By knowing more about your options, you can make the best purchase.

Push Button

Push button models are probably the most familiar option you think of. They are also the oldest model option. To operate, a person simply pushes a button and the dryer runs for a set amount of time. They are usually the cheapest option. They may have rotating nozzles and can come in energy efficient models.


Automatic hand dryers are another common option. These operate using a sensor. When someone places his or her hands under the nozzle, it automatically turns on. These can either run for a set amount of time or will turn off as soon as the sensor senses nothing under the nozzle. They can be more energy efficient than push button models but usually cost more, too.


There are also options in styles when you buy an electric hand dryer. You can get them so they hand on the wall or are recessed in the wall. You should always consider space limitations when choosing the mounting option. There are also options in finishes, with white and chrome probably being the most popular.

Choosing to buy an electric hand dryer can be very beneficial to your business. It enables you to provide a cleaner bathroom area that needs less maintenance. In addition, it can help save you money and make it easier to provide clean facilities. When making your choice, consider your options carefully. Make your decision based upon your bathroom space and energy usage preferences to end up with the dryer that will suit your needs the best.

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