Types of Commercial Foundations in Tulsa OK

There are several types of foundations that can be used in commercial construction. Choosing the right type of commercial foundations in Tulsa OK should factor in the budget for the project, the structural load on the foundation and the soil conditions present at the job site. Most commercial builders will choose from one of four common types of commercial foundation.

A mat foundation is a thick formation that is supported by the underlying soil so the type of soil in this foundation must be strong and stable enough to carry a heavy load. These foundations are typically heavily reinforced and thicker than other foundation types. This foundation can be considered a deep or shallow foundation, depending on conditions.

A continuous, or spot footing foundation uses grade beams, columns, or a combination of both to distribute the structural load, which allows for this kind of foundation to be used in areas where the soil conditions may not be particularly strong or stable. These foundations are considered shallow foundations.

A monolithic slab with grade beams is a foundation that is suitable for lighter structural loads. This foundation is formed by digging interior trenches for guide beams and a perimeter trench. Then the guide beams and slab are poured as a single structure. While this foundation is not good at bearing heavy loads, it is very good at creating more uniform wall loads. It is considered a shallow foundation.

The fourth common commercial foundation is the use of piles or caissons supporting pile caps or grade beams. In this foundation piles can be constructed of wood, steel or concrete depending on the structure load. They may be grouped together in some areas and set individually in others. Then pile caps or grade beams are formed, reinforced and cast. This type of foundation is good for construction that may require heavier load in some areas of the structure. This is considered a deep foundation.

Understanding commercial foundations in Tulsa OK can help you make the right choices for plans you may have. Having multiples types of foundations to choose from ensures that a building will be as sound and structurally secure as possible.

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