Types of Auto Insurance in St. Charles, MO

When you begin shopping for auto insurance, you need to ensure that you are adequately covered in the instance of an accident. Besides, you are protecting your investment, as well as your life and the live of those that are around you. The following information highlights all of the basic parts of auto insurance in St. Charles MO.


This type of coverage is definitely the most important and is something that is required by most states. Put simply, if you cause an accident, damage property or hurt someone, the liability damage will pay for the damages that are covered and also provide you defense if a lawsuit results.


This type of coverage will help to pay for any damage that occurs to your vehicle if your car ends up hitting another vehicle or another object, or is hit by someone else’s vehicle, or in the instance that your vehicle rolls over. If you drive a vehicle that is leased or financed, this type of coverage will likely be required.


This type of insurance coverage will help to pay for any damage that happens to your vehicle that is not actually caused as a result of a collision. Some examples of situations when you would need this coverage include hitting an animal, natural disasters or storms, vandalism or theft.

Medical Payments

This type of coverage will help to pay for any type of medical expense that is covered for anyone that is injured in your vehicle during an accident, no matter whose fault that it is.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This is the type of auto insurance in St. Charles MO coverage that will help to pay for any damages, as well as medical expenses that occur due to an accident that is the fault of a person with no insurance or that do not have enough insurance coverage.

You may also opt to add personal injury protection, which is often referred to as no fault insurance and available to pay some medical expenses, lost wages or other damages no matter who is responsible for the accident.

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