Two Techniques Commonly Used for Metal Fabrication in Seattle WA

Some industrial parts and components might be available off the shelf, but many others are not. Whether because a machine breaks down or to enable a brand new capability, by making good use of Metal Fabrication in Seattle, WA businesses can often achieve ambitious goals. Local companies like Specialty Metals are ready to help with any type of metal fabrication that might be needed.

Turning Metal Stock Into Parts, Systems, and Finished Assemblies

Metal of various kinds is available in a wide variety of formats. From simple sheets in various thicknesses to bars, cylinders, and even cubes, metals like steel, iron, and aluminum can be found in many forms that are ready to be fabricated.

Turning raw metallic stock into parts or assemblies that suit particular purposes takes a great deal of specialized skill and equipment. The general approaches to Metal Fabrication Seattle, WA specialists most often focus on include:


• In almost every case, a piece of metal stock will need to be cut to an appropriate size and shape before it can be used in a particular project. Of the many tools and pieces of equipment in the average metal fabrication shop today, more will normally be devoted to cutting than any other purpose. Saws of various kinds are frequently used to cut metallic stock, with specially treated blades remaining sharp even after prolonged contact. Torches that use intense heat to cut metal by melting it are also commonly used in many facilities. More and more often, laser- powered cutting machines are used to shape and size various types of metal in ways that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.


• Metals like steel can be fairly flexible and resilient when they are of appropriate alloys. Bending sheets or bars of metal can easily turn out to be a better option than cutting them into pieces which will then be fastened together. There are some different ways to bend metal precisely and without breaking or weakening it.

Fabricating Almost Anything That Can be Made From Metal

Applying techniques like these allow metal fabrication experts in the area to serve their clients’ needs effectively. In many common cases, having a new part or assembly fabricated from scratch will be the best option of all, as those who visit online will see.

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