Two Common Types of Irrigation Systems in Wichita, KS

Watering your garden or lawn can be difficult without the right equipment. To assist residents of Wichita, KS with watering their plants effectively, many companies have come up with different irrigation systems to automate the process, making it completely hassle-free. Homeowners and gardeners have the ability to choose between in-ground and above-ground irrigation systems. In order to assist them in making the right choice, below is an in-depth guide on what they should expect from each of these systems as well as their components.

In-ground irrigation systems in Wichita, KS have their main components buried under your lawn. They feature underground pipes that are connected to sprinklers that only come to the surface during irrigation times. The pipes could also be attached to a drip system for water efficiency purposes. Drip irrigation can also help your grass develop deep roots because the water is provided at ground level and not on leaves as it is the case with sprinklers. Typical in-ground systems are comprised of valves, pipes and fittings, sprinklers, risers, timers and drip tubing. In-line or anti-siphon valves used in the system are responsible for turning the water flow on or off while risers connect sprinklers to pipe fittings. It is these risers that improve positioning of the sprinkler heads and even give them the required height to reach a wider area. On the other hand, timers decide when valves open and close.

When looking for irrigation systems in Wichita, KS for open lawns, you should consider above-ground systems. They are able to distribute water overhead through oscillating, rotary or rotating sprayers that are placed at fixed intervals for uniformity. Above-ground irrigation systems are composed of hoses, hose tap timers, sprinklers and hose bibs. Depending on the required water pressure, you can vary the diameter and length of the hose. These hoses are usually connected to your main water supply via hose bibs that have anti-siphon valves which prevent water back flowing into your drinking water supply. Other than sprinklers, you can also employ soaker hoses to help you in distributing water through their tiny holes.

Regardless of the irrigation system that you choose for your garden or lawn, irrigation experts like Rain Link, Inc. will not only sell you the system, but guide you on how to use it and even offer important repair services.

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