Two Common Issues That Require Roll Up Garage Door Repair In New Lenox

Many homeowners have roll up garage doors installed because of the convenience and attractive appearance of these types of doors. Roll up garage doors usually work smoothly, but once in awhile homeowners may encounter a problem which prevents the door from working as it should. Read the information below to learn about common roll up garage door issues and when it’s necessary to contact a professional who specializes in Garage Door Repair in New Lenox.

Problems With The Door Tracks

Normally, a roll up garage door rolls up and down evenly on its tracks, but if there’s a problem with the tracks the door won’t slide as it should. A common garage door issue is dented tracks. Homeowners can inspect the metal tracks themselves and look for areas that aren’t level. Individuals can use a rubber mallet to smooth out any dents that are on the tracks. If there aren’t any noticeable dents, homeowners should carefully examine the tracks to make sure they’re aligned correctly. If the tracks aren’t evenly mounted, the door will fail to roll up properly. If individuals spot problems with their doors that they cannot fix themselves, they should contact a professional who specializes in Garage Door Repair in New Lenox.

Problems With The Hardware

Garage doors have many components that are necessary for the proper function of the doors. If any of the hardware, such as the hinges or screws, are loose the door won’t work correctly. Individuals should inspect all of the hinges to make sure they’re securely fastened to the door. Roll up doors have numerous hinges that attach to each section of the door. It may be necessary to check all of the screws in each hinge to find the one that’s loose and causing the problem. Individuals who are unable to inspect the hinges on their garage doors should immediately contact a technician who has experience with Garage Door Repair in New Lenox.

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