Try a Matte Vehicle Wrap for a Truly Unique Auto Customization

There are many ways to put a message on a car or truck, but the most striking of them all is to use a vehicle wrap. A wrap covers the entire vehicle with your custom design. Designs can include logos, pictures, words, or various combinations of the three. No one will overlook a design that has taken the place of the usual boring paint job!

In many cases, vehicle wraps are used to promote companies or their offerings. They are especially effective on SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans because those vehicles provide a huge amount of surface area for photographs, hand-drawn designs, and logos. This doesn’t mean that they don’t work on cars. Quite the contrary! Many cars are adorned with vehicle wraps that deliver company messaging. With cars, the trick is to emphasize the company or product name so that it doesn’t get overwhelmed by the other imagery.

Sometimes, vehicle wraps are used by individuals who simply want something that’s unmistakably unique. The matte vehicle wrap is one of the latest customizations of this sort. A car with a matte finish is almost unheard of, so it definitely stands out. When cars are wrapped this way, they are often left free of all printing. This makes them appear as though they were finished in matte paint rather than being wrapped. It’s possible to get these wraps in any color, and each produces a different effect. Black has a notable spy-car feel thanks to its similarity to the finish on stealth aircraft, while grey is more sleek and modern seeming. Other colors will give off their own impressions.

While this type of wrap is notable, most companies so far have stuck to shiny finishes. This is in line with the look and feel given off by most advertising, but for some firms, a matte vehicle wrap with printing may be more fitting. Understated design companies, architects, and similar firms would easily be able to use them to send out a message of being different without being garish in the process.

The possibilities offered by vehicle wraps are endless. Check out the portfolio at The Dezynery to see some of the most striking styles.

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