Trust Your Vehicle to a Family-Owned Tire Shop in Jacksonville, FL

Shops that provide tire repair in Jacksonville, FL, typically offer many more services to car owners. Not only can a tire shop fix flats, but they can also do wheel alignments, brake jobs, oil changes, and much more.

Some tire shops in Jacksonville can also install lift and leveling kits for your off-road vehicle. These kits might be necessary when you put 35″ wheels and off-road tires on your Jeep or 4×4 truck. A tire shop is the first place you should go when you want to upgrade your overland vehicle. A tire shop that offers different brands and tire types can get the right type of tire on your vehicle.

A local, family-owned tire shop with a long history in Jacksonville is a great place to take your vehicle for routine maintenance. You’ll not only receive excellent service, but you’ll also be supporting small, locally owned businesses.

Tires are expensive, especially if you have a larger vehicle. Some local shops can help you finance your tires, to help keep you on the road. Some local tire shops even offer valuable coupons on their websites. They can even provide you with a tire protection plan when you do need tire repair in Jacksonville, FL.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, it will eventually need new tires, an alignment, an oil change, and brakes. Trusting your car to a local, family-owned tire shop only makes sense.

Big Chief Tire has a 60-year history as a full-service, family-owned tire shop in Jacksonville.

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