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The DRS and SPA company is exclusively family-owned. It’s a business operated by a dad and his sons. The sons are both the installers and managers. The family operated business is well established based in Michigan. Trilogy Pools in Lake Orion, MI, handle all customers’ projects dearly as if they were their own.

The DRS Pool and Spa family take their family relationships and values and transfer the same to their professional associations and values. Each client that presents a project, the DRS Pool and Spa team, unite together as one family, including the client and strive together to deliver the service.

The company has a custom that focuses on maintaining eternal working relationships with its clients. Apart from the installation process, the firm extends the family relationship outside the business. Because of their unique technique of handling business, DRS Pool and Spa have several new clients who are always interested in their services. The team is ever ready to visit your back yard and create an oasis for you and your family.

DRS Pools and Spa Services, MI

The family-owned business was established back in 2013, but its actual origin dated back in 2001. They specialize in custom-designed out-door and in-ground swimming pools. They also install pools in living areas.

In the year 2019, the business made advances and now operate on broader grounds. It has expanded into the spa and pools retail market. With their vast experience and a dedicated team, they can handle all the needs your hot tub and swimming pool requires. Additionally, they can also tackle all chemical needs.

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