Tri Clover Ball Valves from Stainless Steel Ball Valve

When you require tri-clover ball valves for new equipment, or as an upgrade to your current apparatus, you can turn to California’s experienced professional company, Stainless Steel Ball Valve, to find a range of models with a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs.

For the Uninitiated, What Are Ball Valves?

When you require control over the flow of gas or liquid, you can use a rotary ball with a bore. The ball-valve is effectively a shut-off valve so that when the ball is turned a quarter turn around its axis, the flow-through can be reduced or blocked.

Whether the valve is in use or not, tri-clover ball valves have a long service life and can reasonably be expected to provide an excellent and dependable sealing over their entire lifecycle. Where some individuals will prefer a gate valve, tri-clover ball valves are preferred as the best choice across a wide range of industries where regular cleaning is required.

Tri clover ball valves and tri clover fittings are used mainly in sanitary and hygienic conditions where you are required to clean the equipment often. Tri clover ball valves and fittings are very easy to dis-assemble, clean and re-assemble.

It is less common to use ball valves as a control valve, because they offer less accuracy in controlling an exact flow rate, compared to some control valves that are designed for the job. One of the main reasons that ball valves are preferred is because they provide an effective sealing when the gas or liquid flowing through is not particularly clean.

Most ball valves are two-way and operated by a lever, although the marketplace does have a place for three-way and four-way valves.

When you make enquiries about purchasing ball valves, you will need to know whether you require a floating or trunnion ball design.

Across the industry, ball valves are available as a full bore, reduced bore or V shaped, with the latter assisting the flow rate precisely, by rotating the ball.

Although PVC ball valves are available, as are brass models, stainless steel remains the favorite. They are attractive as they can be used in many applications including in seawater and swimming pools, within osmosis installations, at high temperature and with a large range of chemicals.

At Stainless Steel Ball Valves, our range of products includes tri-clover ball valves. We will be pleased to discuss our products and offer advice through our ever-helpful sales and service department.

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