Tree Pruning in Queens County, NY and First-Rate Tree Care by an Arborist

Trees are seen as one of the most attractive features of a landscape. When well taken care of, trees add value to real estate and provide shade for buildings. The best time of year for tree pruning in Queens County NY depends on the species and the reason for pruning. Dead wood can be removed at any time. Pruning during the dormant season is the most beneficial time of year for most tree species. When a tree is pruned in the dormant season, there will be proliferative growth in season. However, tree pruning in Queens County NY should be avoided on the coldest days of the year.

Summer pruning is usually only needed for adjustments and modifications. Tree maintenance with pruning during the growing season is done to get rid of unwanted branches. Overcrowding of branches can impede growth of the strongest structural parts. Seasonal growth should be complete before making any changes.

An arborist should examine a tree to make sure there are no diseases. Arborists also teach the owner how to prune without damaging healthy tree limbs. There are treatment solutions for trees that nourish roots and help them grow better. Trees in a weakened state may need this type of treatment. Fall is the season most trees should not be pruned. This is because fungi and other diseases thrive during autumn. Wounds from even the mildest issues heal much more slowly in the fall.

Strong trees that are an accessory to the landscape can undergo care plans to preserve health. Watering systems can be installed around the bases of trees to keep them hydrated all year round. If there are concerns about the structural stability of a tree, tree braces secure the base in place so the risk of damage in natural disasters is minimized. When planting new trees, tree shelters protect them from harm in the first stages of development. Arborists working for tree care service companies can plant and monitor the growth of new trees. In the event a tree is in a bad location or suffering from a serious disease, it can be removed safely and methodically. Contact us to schedule service.

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