Tree Pruning in Arlington Allows Residential Property Owners to Enjoy This Feature of Landscaping

People shopping for a house for the first time may have heard a lot about the problems trees can cause. They might wonder whether they should look for a place that has very few trees, or perhaps none at all. Actually, trees provide distinct advantages for homeowners, as long as they schedule Tree Pruning in Arlington every couple of years.

During that appointment, tree service technicians trim back branches and remove branches that should be eliminated for various reasons. Sometimes tree pruning in Arlington is done so more air and light can reach the leaves. A dead or dying branch should be removed, as it weakens the tree.

Increasing Property Value

Well-maintained trees increase property value, since nearly everyone prefers a residential property that has trees. When they buy a residential lot without trees, one of the first things they do after the house is constructed is to start planting or hire an arborist to do so.

Natural Positive Effects

As kids grow into adults, they may forget what they learned in school about trees being natural air filters for pollutants, thus reducing air pollution and improving air quality. This even works on an individual property and a neighborhood. Tree seeds and berries provide food for birds, and the entire structure offers a safe place for nesting.

Trees on the west and south sides of the property that shade the house help keep the place cooler in summer and allow for less use of air conditioning. Trees to the north shelter the home from cold winter winds, helping to reduce the cost of heat.

Problem Trees

Occasionally it turns out that two trees were planted too close together and one might have to be cut down, but well-placed trees enhance the beauty of the land. Sometimes a tree dies off for no apparent reason; this one should be felled and removed too. If a tree has become overgrown and has branches dragging on the roof, it should only need trimming by technicians from an organization such as Cambridge Landscape. Typically it doesn’t require cutting down unless it is unstable in some way. Get more information on this particular business online.

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