Tree Maintenance And Removal for the Trees on Your Property

Trees are an important resident on any property; they provide shade that can help reduce your utility bills in higher temperatures, protect your property from the elements and can also increase your property value. Trees also provide added privacy and are good for the environment over all. With this in mind, trees need to be taken care of just as much as everything else on any property. Taking on the task of taking care of trees can be difficult for many property owners. Trees can be taken care of to keep them healthy and thriving, but in some cases they need to be removed if they are damaged, diseased, dead or located in a dangerous area. A trusted tree service in Monterey can help maintain the care of your trees or remove them from your property.

Complete Removal

If you have a tree that is in poor health, a threat to structures on the property or is in fact dead, removing the tree may be the best option. Tree removal is done carefully and with no damage to the property and surrounding areas. Along with tree removal is the removal of stumps that may be obstructing your landscape as well.

Tree Maintenance

The other alternative to avoid removing trees from your property is with trimming and thinning of the branches. This will help keep your trees looking good and is great for the overall health of your trees. Branches may need to be trimmed away from any buildings and even dangerous power lines without having to remove the tree completely.

Palm Pruning And Care

Palm trees are very popular in most areas and also need to be taken care of. They require the removal of dead or damaged leaves, loose blades and the removal of flowers and fruits. Palm trees come in a variety of species and each needs to be cared for to stay healthy looking and continue to add to the beauty of your property.

These are just a few of the ways that a tree service in Monterey company can help.

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