Treatments For Ankle Arthritis Recommended by Foot Doctors in Beverly

Ankle arthritis not only causes pain and inflammation but can also cause joint destruction and immobility. Because of this, seeking treatment early on in its progression is essential to help ensure optimal pain relief and to prevent further joint damage. Here are some treatment options for ankle arthritis that may be recommended by your foot doctor in Beverly.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps relieve pain and reduce joint inflammation caused by arthritis. It also helps promote optimal blood flow to arthritic ankle joints and may improve balance, range of motion, and flexibility. Your foot doctor in Beverly may provide physical therapy services in their office or they may refer you to an outpatient physical therapy facility for your treatments.

Ice Therapy

Another effective treatment option for ankle arthritis is ice therapy. Icing the affected area on the ankle helps numb pain and suppress joint inflammation. While placing a heating pad on your ankle may also bring pain relief, it is not as effective in managing inflammation as ice therapy. Never place ice directly on your skin because doing so may cause tissue injury and even frostbite. You can put the ice into an ice bag, however, if you do not have one, simply use a bag of frozen vegetables such as frozen peas or corn. For more information about treatment options for ankle arthritis, call Mitchell Foot & Ankle today.

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