Treating Musculoskeletal Issues Trough a Tailored Approach in Lancaster

If you are dealing with pain on your lower back, your quality of life does not have to be compromised. Unlike conventional treatments, most chiropractic techniques tend to be non-invasive and drug-free. Consider treating your low back pain in Lancaster, CA.

A Holistic and Tailored Approach to Treatment

If you treat your low back pain in Lancaster, CA, you will received a customized treatment plan. Low back pain can be caused by many reasons. You may be dealing with a misaligned spine; you may have a herniated disc. Or you may be suffering from sciatica. In the case of musculoskeletal issues, they can be complex. However, chiropractic adjustments tend to treat several problems at once. Spinal decompression therapy can treat both sciatica and degenerating discs.

More than Just Spinal Manipulation

If you seek treatment for your low back pain in Lancaster, CA, you can also be treated with ultrasound or cold laser therapy. The former involves the utilization of ultrasound waves. These waves can penetrate the tissues of the body and thus reduce swelling, pain and stiffness. This is a good treatment for those who have mobility issues. Cold laser therapy is another good alternative for people who are dealing with pain. The wavelengths of light that this laser produces promote healing. This type of therapy works well in conjunction with massage therapy.

If you are in need of lifestyle advice, there are nutritional programs. There is also a weight loss and exercise program. If you would like to learn more, contact Allied Chiropractic.

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