Transplanting A Tree When Moving To A New Home

When someone decides to move to a new home in the same town, and they have a tree on their property that they would like to bring along with them, they may want to hire tree services in East Lyme, CT to do a transplant procedure. Transplanting a tree to a new location is best handled by a professional to ensure it does not go into shock from the move.

First, the tree service will evaluate the land at both the old and new properties to find a location that best suits the tree. The soil should be similar in nutrient density so the tree will adapt to the new location easily. The tree should be moved during cooler weather, so there is less risk of it dying from a change in habitat. Doing the procdunnstreeservices.comedure when the tree is dormant is best.

The tree service will dig a hole on the new property in preparation for the move. This hole will be filled with water, so the ground is moist enough for the tree to receive water nourishment after it is planted. The service will then dig the tree from its present location. They will take care in protecting the roots to the best of their ability. When the tree is removed, it will need to be transported to the new property right away. The roots will be covered with wet pieces of burlap to keep them intact during the transportation process.

The tree will be placed in its new location, and the soil that was removed will be replaced. Mulch may be put around the perimeter of the tree to help in moisture retention. It will be important for the homeowner to water the tree often. In time, it will adapt to its new surroundings.

If someone wishes to hire a tree services in East Lyme, CT to help with the transplanting procedure of a tree, they will want to find a reputable business to do the job. Calling a service like Dunn’s Tree Service is the first step in ensuring a tree is transplanted properly at a competitive price.

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