Traditional Service Stonington Versus Cremation Service

Death is not something that is easy for anyone to deal with. While death is the end of something it is only the beginning for you. This is because now you will have to make all of the arrangements after their death. One of the biggest decisions that has to be made is whether you want a Traditional Service Stonington or a cremation service. Fortunately, this is not usually a decision that you have to make. Most of the time the individual who passed away had already told someone what kind of service they wanted. If they did not, then it can be a very emotionally and financially stressful situation to be in.

When a lot of people are trying to decide which route to take, they decide on a creation service because it is a lot cheaper. However, cremation services are not always as cheap as you might think. In fact, some people are surprised to learn that they still end up having to buy a casket. This cost would be added to whatever the funeral home, such as Mystic Funeral Home LLC, is going to charge for the cremation services. Basically, if the body is going to be viewed before it is cremated then you still have to buy a casket. There are some funeral homes that will allow you to rent a casket and there are other homes that cremate the body and the casket. Unfortunately, this just means that you should never assume that cremation is the cheaper option. You might not get to opt out of the casket.

There are some people who assume that a body has to be embalmed if it is going to be buried. However, if a body is buried within 48 hours of death, it does not need to be embalmed which can save you some money. There are funeral homes that offer embalming services even though it is not needed so they can make some money. This means an easy way for you to save some money on the funeral services when you want the body to be buried is to have the funeral quickly after death.