Tops Tips For DIY Laundry Appliance Repair In Las Vegas NV

Nothing is more frustrating than a washer or dryer that is not functioning properly. It may be a washer with a noisy spin cycle or a dryer that leaves clothing wet after a full cycle. The following tips and tricks will help homeowners to repair some issues on their own before consulting with Laundry Appliance Repair in Las Vegas NV experts.

The First Step is to Check the Dryer Vent.

If the dryer is no longer drying clothing properly it may be a block in the vent. Homeowners need to be very proactive about keeping the dryer vent clear of debris and schedule regular cleanings. This is a very quick fix and one of the best ways to keep the dryer operating efficiently and avoid a fire risk.

Replace the Fuse if Needed.

Opening the dryer door before the full cycle is complete may cause the fuse to blow. If the vent and dryer duct is clear it may be a blown fuse and it is a simple fix. The fuse is located on the heating element or near the gas burner.

What if the Washer is Shaking?

It is very frustrating when the washing machine shakes even though it is on level ground. It is very important to double check the adjustable legs on the washing machine to ensure each one is firmly placed on the floor. Once all of the legs are secure a level should be set on top of the washing machine to ensure the entire unit is completely leveled.

Consult with an Expert When Needed.

Expert Laundry Repair in Las Vegas NV services are available for homeowners who have tried everything and the units are still not working properly. The technicians will offer professional repair solutions and advice about when it is time to invest in a new washer or dryer. If the units are over ten years old it may be time to purchase models that are more reliable and extremely efficient.

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