Top Three Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When Applying for VA Benefits

The process to obtain VA benefits can be a demanding and confusing one. Though you technically are not required to have an attorney when you apply for benefits, having a veterans benefits lawyer in Kentucky to guide you through the application process can make the entire process much less stressful. These are the top three reasons why you should consider having an veterans benefits attorney.

Free Agents Will be Overstaffed and Overworked

For those who choose not to use a benefits attorney, the next choice often involves using the services of a free agent. These agents are VA accredited to represent veterans, but they are also overstaffed and typically overwhelmed by caseloads that grow every day. Their goal is to help as many people as possible.

In contrast, a veterans benefits lawyer in Kentucky works with fewer clients, so they are able to spend a greater level of personal attention on your case.

A Lawyer Can Save You Time if You’ve Been Denied

If you have been denied once by the VA, you still have the right to file an appeal. However, filing an appeal can be stressful, particularly if you do not understand why the VA denied you in the first place. An attorney can help you understand why you were denied and fix your application so that you can stand a better chance of having your appeal accepted.

Your Fees Will be Regulated

The government decides how much an attorney can charge you. Any fee that your attorney charges a veteran must be approved by the VA first.

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