Top Reasons To Install Fire Sprinkler Systems In Des Moines IA

In the past, fire sprinkler systems were only installed in large buildings, like factories, stores, and office buildings, but in recent years they have become an affordable and practical option for regular homeowners. One of the best defenses against fire, a sprinkler system, can often put out a fire quickly, saving both lives and property. The following are some of the top reasons why homeowners should consider installing Fire Sprinkler Systems in Des Moines IA.

First of all, a sprinkler system can minimize the damage to property, so that families can keep living in their homes. Because it is located inside the home, a sprinkler system can respond immediately and treat the area where the fire is starting. Unfortunately, fire fighters use so much water to contain a fire that property loss often results from water damage if not fire damage. A sprinkler system uses only a tenth of the water that a fire department typically uses.

A fire sprinkler system is also good for the environment because it can eliminate a large percentage of the pollution caused by smoke and water run-off. Since water sprinklers use only 10% of the water that fire fighters use, that represents a 90% decrease in water usage and a 70% decrease in the amount of polluted water that runs off the site into the ground.

In addition, a sprinkler system can save money for homeowners on their insurance premiums. The highest discount is usually offered for the most comprehensive sprinkler system that is installed in every room in the house. A lower-cost system that is installed in large rooms but not in the bathroom or in closets may earn less of a discount.

Unlike sensitive smoke alarms that can be set off by the toaster, a fire sprinkler system responds only to heat, and it takes the extremely high heat of fire to put the sprinkler system into action. In other words, homeowners don’t have to worry about setting off the sprinklers with a cigarette, an overdone roast, or a candle flame.

While sprinkler systems are expensive, they are comparable in cost to other common home improvements, and they are worth considering as a safety feature. For more information about Fire Sprinkler Systems in Des Moines IA, check out Iowa Fire Control.

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