Top Reasons to Consider Room Additions in Bergen County

As families grow, a property that once felt enormous can suddenly become far too small to handle the added number of family members living in the house. Fortunately, room additions are a viable option even for homeowners on a tight budget, and they can be far more affordable than purchasing a brand new home. There are a number of reasons why people choose to make an addition to their property, and any one of these could be the reason you choose to make such an alteration to the layout of your home.

Avoid Moving

The expenses involved with moving can quickly add up, and that is before you even make a down payment on a new house and begin making mortgage payments. Room additions in Bergen County allow you to avoid moving by simply adding more space to your current home. This added space can become whatever you need it to, such as a home office, a bedroom for another child, or even just a fun game room for the family.

Cost Effective

Another reason homeowners choose to have room additions done by companies such as RWS Build & Remodeling is that they can cut costs in the long run by doing so. Home additions often cost about one third of the price of moving to a new home, while offering all the same advantages. This can help you remain in the home you adore, reduce the money spent on the project, and enjoy more space all at once.


Some homeowners choose an addition because they cannot stand to take their children away from their current school for one reason or another. Children are often emotionally affected by a sudden move, especially if they are of an age at which they develop strong social bonds and friendships. In addition, your job may not allow you to move further away, or there may not be enough available homes for sale in your area. A professional can ensure that you remain right where you are while fixing your space issues.

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