Top Reasons For Any Company To Have A Nut & Bolt Assortment On Hand

Any company in the manufacturing, construction, fabrication or assembly industries will find that having supplies on hand is always a better option than trying to stretch out the time between orders and do without or try to make due with current inventory.

Having a top nut & bolt assortment is important for most companies for several reasons. An essential consideration is the small amount of space these assortments can take up, particularly with a bin system in place.

There are a few nut & bolt assortment suppliers that will provide VMI or Vendor Managed Inventory systems, ensuring your supply of nuts and bolts is always within the levels you designate. This is cost effective and also eliminates the need for your staff to worry about inventory, ordering, and stocking.

Better Assortments Mean Better Selection

There is nothing worse than having the wrong fasteners used in manufacturing or fabrication when the right ones are out of stock. By keeping a good inventory with a nut & bolt assortment that covers both the commonly used fasteners as well as those used less frequently, the right parts are always available.

Less Time and Money Spent on Small Orders

Having to run to the local contractor supply for nuts and bolts is a costly part of doing business. Not only will the actual fasteners be more expensive, but there is also the gas, wear and tear on the vehicle as well as employee time away from the job to consider.

Ordering in bulk provides a lower cost per unit and, when ordered from a top supplier, all your fastener orders can be placed at one time. This makes the entire ordering process more efficient and eliminates the need for multiple suppliers and multiple deliveries.