Top Four Benefits of Stud Welding

The construction and engineering industries have many effective methods of joining materials. Each one has its own uses and advantages, but stud welding with shear studs has multiple benefits over some others. Here are just a few for manufacturing plants to consider:

1. Productivity

Assembly Magazine says that manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their processes more productive and efficient and produce high amounts of quality work in a short time. Stud welding with shear studs is one method that can be done faster with fewer steps since there is no predrilling, riveting, or punching required beforehand. Each fastener typically takes less than a second to weld. This is not only highly productive but cuts down on costs at the same time.

2. Quality

For all of this productivity at a low cost, stud welding is still a highly secure and quality welding method. The full face of the fastener is welded in place securely with resistance to breaking or becoming loose.

3. Diversity

This combination of productivity and quality makes stud welding ideal for multiple industries and applications. According to the Tulsa Welding School, these industries are as diverse as architecture (it was used heavily in the construction of the new World Trade Centre), auto production, shipbuilding, aerodynamics, and aerospace. Additional uses are in power distribution, food and beverages, and the military.

4. Easy To Do

While the correct training and qualifications should still be sought out, particularly with regards to safety, stud welding is a fairly easy procedure for the construction worker to learn and operate. This makes it a quick and easy process to pick up and run and can produce top quality results in a short time period.

If the instance is right, stud welding is an essential skill for construction workers to pick up and for manufacturing plants to utilize for production of secure products with no drop in productivity.

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