Top Care Tips to Ensure a Healthy, Happy Dog

There is no experience that is as rewarding and special as choosing to bring a dog into your life. You can expect unconditional loyalty and love for doing nothing more than providing shelter, food, care, and love of your own. However, there are some important pet care tips to keep in mind to keep your pet healthy and happy. We’ll share a few below that will start you off on this journey on the right foot.

Purchase a Collar and ID Tag

You should always have a collar and identification tag on your pet that includes your name, address, and telephone number. It’s not uncommon for a dog to dart out the door and get lost. Having the tag will make it easier to get him back if a neighbor or stranger finds him in the outdoors. It’s also not a horrible idea to have your pet microchipped for the same reason.

Understand Local Regulations

Every location has its own set of regulations regarding owning pets. You need to be aware of what vaccinations are mandatory and whether there are any licensing requirements. If there are, be sure to keep up to date to ensure your pet is legal and healthy. This will keep you and your dog out of trouble later on.

Visit the Vet Annually

Even if your dog seems completely healthy and happy, it’s an important part of pet care to take your dog in for checkups. Make an appointment at least once a year with your Hamilton, NJ, veterinarian to make sure your pet is in good shape. Sometimes a dog may not show signs of illness, but something may be wrong. The quicker this is known, the better the chance of taking care of the problem quickly.

Provide Nutritious Food

Any great dog owner wants to be sure their pet eats healthy and nutritious food. Your vet is an excellent person to ask about which food is the best option for your dog. What is right for your dog might be different than what is right for someone else’s pet. You should also be sure your dog always has fresh water available.

Another part of pet care involves having proper care for your pet when you aren’t available. At K9 Resorts of East Brunswick NJ, we offer luxury boarding and many other services for pets.

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