Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer- Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN

In most cases, the wedding caterer will do much more than just preparing the menu. Helping to coordinate the flow of the dinner and the reception timeline are only a small portion of what the ideal caterer will do to make your wedding go by smoother. Sometimes, the caterer will also supply tables, chairs, tableware, and possibly even supply the wedding cake. Check out the Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN. It just may be the perfect place to start your happily-ever-after. After you narrow your list of possible caterers, here are a few questions to ask them.

Is the caterer working any other events the same day?

Sometimes the caterer will schedule two or more events on the same day or the same weekend. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you want to make sure your wedding will get the service and staff it deserves.

Does the caterer have extra charges?

These extra charges may include service fees, sales tax, or a security deposit. It is always good to ask this question, as it would affect your overall price.

Does the caterer have a license?

This means that the business has met local health department standards and has liability insurance, which is always a great thing to hear.

Will the caterer give references from previous customers?

Talking to a previous client will provide you with information that you may not have heard of by the caterer. It is always a wise choice to receive information from those who had the same reception style and around the same number of guests.

Will the meal be full-service?

This just means that the catered meal will be complete with table service, bar service (if they have a liquor license,) and clean up after the reception. What is included will depend on the catering company; if not included, you will have to hire additional staff.

You deserve nothing other than a fantastic stress-free dinner celebration with your friends and family to kick off your new marriage. Your special day is important to our catering business. Feel free to Contact us at the Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN for more information about our catering services.

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