Top 3 Myths of Life Insurance in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Death is not a popular topic to talk about at dinner parties or even with a close personal friend. Even though making financial plans based on someone’s death seems morbid and awkward, it can potentially be one of the best financial decisions ever made. Since no one really lives to think about their death, there is a lot of confusion about Life Insurance in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Here is a list of the top three myths regarding life insurance and some facts to clear up those myths.

The first most common myth about Life Insurance in Rancho Cucamonga CA is that it is really expensive. As with any other type of insurance, there are many different price levels of life insurance. In their minds, many people only think about the monthly cost, but do not think about what that monthly cost actually gets them. Life insurance is something that is always over estimated, but in reality, a typical price for a $250,000 policy might only cost around $125 each year.

The second common myth is that employer sponsored life insurance policies offer more than sufficient coverage. Many employers will offer a company life insurance policy, but usually for very low amounts. It’s common to see policies with enough coverage for nearly double an employee’s salary, which would not cover very much. It is also important to remember that employer sponsored life insurance policies terminate if the employee leaves the company.

Finally, the third most common myth about life insurance is that people that stay at home to take care of children do no need any life insurance. If anything should ever happen to that parent, the surviving parent would need to hire someone else to take care of the children or make other arrangements for childcare. Either of those options would be very costly and should be covered by a life insurance policy.

These three myths are often times why people delay purchasing a life insurance policy. Knowing the real facts about life insurance will help make purchasing the right life insurance policy easier. Visit the Website today to get a free quote.